Kiosks & Vending Machines

NEW solutions now available for unattended kiosks & vending machines



  • Unattended mode on POS Terminals with special enclosure.
  • Higher margins.
  • Recurring revenues.
  • Selling through existing channels.



Dejavoo Kiosks Unattended POS Terminal



Vending Machines

  • EMV and pin based call on new automation to support new payment methods.
  • Initial experience with large laundry companies in the USA and Canada.
  • Interface to NAYAX (Israel) which offers its vending solution worldwide.



Dejavoo Kiosks Vending Machine



Crypto Exchange & Payment

  • The crypto exchange and payment terminal is top of the line and offers the option to buy & sell Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
  • Enables fiat to Bitcoin exchange and more....



Dejavoo Kiosks Unattended POS Terminal