April 25, 2018

The Dejavoo team is still reeling after its immense success at this year's Transact Exhibition in Las Vegas. Bolstered by a prime booth position at the show, Dejavoo was able to showcase its products to more visitors than ever before, helping to solidify its reputation as one of the payment software industry's most innovative producers.

Dejavoo’s CEO, Mony Zenou, describes how Transact 2018 helped to promote his business and why this year was a particular success, “Transact offers us the opportunity to meet with potential as well as current customers from all over the country, all at one time and in one place. It's an opportunistic time for us to introduce new products and to also provide detailed information on existing products to those who show interest. 

"When distributors, integrators, and competitors come to your booth to see what is new, to enlarge partnership and cooperation, you know your products are positioned properly in the market, are healthy and have a bright future when customers tell you “We can actually make money on your products!” Mr. Zenou adds, “This year we introduced DejaPayPro, a payment software solution, fully supported by our existing systems, that adds inventory control to our DeNovo merchant portal. It’s a simple yet dramatic addition.. any Dejavoo terminal can be “half of POS on cloud system” and includes an additional option for new Android devices, in terminal and register sizes, completing our offer for all merchants as well as several other industries."

 Also new to the Dejavoo line is AURA, a new graphic interface that will be starting on Linux-based products and will continue through our new Android devices from Castles and Telpo. 


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Visitors at the Transact 2018 exhibition gather around the Dejavoo booth


Dejavoo Canada Dejapaypro
Ron Yannai, General Manager of Dejavoo Canada, describes the benefits of the new DejaPayPro to interested customers


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Our booth was designed to showcase all our products and services in an impactful and engaging display


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Monitors featuring informative product videos were an integral part of the Dejavoo booth


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The Dejavoo team stands ready and waiting to offer information and advice on all Dejavoo products


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Dejavoo CEO Mony Zenou and his wife Mira take a well deserved break after a busy day at the show