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CIO and GM, Dejavoo Russia

Dénis brings both his practical and innovation experience in coordinated Software Development, QA,  code testing and maintenance to Dejavoo engineering. As Chief Information Officer, he is in charge of Dejavoo Cloud systems, coordinating Dejavoo's development teams around the globe. Using advanced cloud tools and techniques, Dejavoo is able to develop faster than any of its competitors, obtaining quicker certification and embarking on new initiatives.

Dénis received a Masters of Science in Applied Computer Science at Novosibirsk State Technical University in 2009. His first role was as a business analyst for Pinpay Payment System in 2007 and in 2011 he became project manager of ATM software development for retail points of cellphone operator Mobile Telephone Systems where he performed an introduction of a Scrum as a software development process in the company.

Dénis joined Dejavoo in 2014 as Product Manager of System Solutions and took part in the building of DeNovo, STEAM, SPIn Proxy and Dejavoo's latest addition, DejaPayPro. As a team leader, along with the company CEO, Dénis helped to develop our new industry-leading POS On Cloud System which incorporates DeNovo mobile, DejaPay and DejaPayPro.