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Custom Fee

Dejavoo's Custom Fee 'No Cost Processing' payment software solution provides your business with the capability to charge any fee, at your discretion. Used in conjunction with our DeNovo software, Custom Fee provides detailed breakdowns of all transactions.


  • A value added feature of Dejavoo software available on all terminal models.
  • Applied equally to credit and debit transactions.
  • Fee amount can be a percentage of the transaction amount, a flat fee or a combination of both.
  • Fee amount is broken out on receipts, batch reports and in Denovo back office reporting.
  • Merchants can have the option to cancel the fee amount at their discretion.


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Powered by DeNovo and designed to suit retail, restaurant & service/schedule businesses, DejaPayPro provides an advanced, powerful and feature-rich software solution that works with you, wherever you go!


  • A smart and inexpensive option for general retail.
  • Ideal for restaurants - serve at the table situations.
  • Service and schedule is part of DejaPayPro.
  • Smart economy for any business.
  • It works everywhere you go!


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New AURA Software

Easy to use, color coded touchscreen technology provides seamless transactions, bringing your customers' purchasing experience to a new level!


  • Offers the look and feel of a smartphone-style design.
  • Simple to use because of its color coded layout.
  • Runs on both Linux and Android platforms.


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Dejavoo experienced its most successful year yet at the Transact ETA exhibition in Las Vegas from April 17th to April 19th 2018! Check out our amazing booth and find out how we continue to make our mark in the payment software industry.